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The Romanesque style in the Almenno area

Sculpture and frescoes in Romanesque style

A fascinating journey into a little-known area where the historic events and religion of the Middle Ages have left behind significant examples of architecture, sculpture and painting in the Romanesque style.

A short distance from Bergamo, in the ancient territory of Lemine, you will come across two fascinating villages, Almenno S. Salvatore and Almenno S. Bartolomeo. These villages are located in the very same area where, centuries ago, a Roman military road passed, and that formed part of the “curtis regia” during the Lombard period. Amazing artistic treasures ranging from the 9th to the 15th century are concentrated in a very small area, however there are two monuments in particular that stand out as being authentic jewels of the Romanesque style and that can still today be admired in a countryside landscape: The Rotonda of St. Tomè and the basilica of St. George that are characterised by their remarkable architecture that houses fascinating sculptures and frescoes.

The Rotonda of St. Tomè is one of the most famous buildings of the Romanesque era thanks to its unique circular shape. Its elegance is underlined by the pinkish colour of the building materials. The interior is intimate and evocative with carved capitals of great iconographic interest.

The large Romanesque church of San Giorgio boasts a simple and essential architecture that contrasts with the mysterious events related to its construction. Inside the walls are decorated with a remarkable cycle of frescoes illustrating the life of Christ and other paintings belonging to different eras.

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