La durata della visita guidata è di circa:
2/3 hours

Ingresso a pagamento:
Ticket for Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore (optional visit)

Upper town


Our traditional tour of the Upper Town is an unforgettable experience. Together we will embark on a fascinating journey to discover the timeless jewels of the Upper Town, within the Unesco World Heritage List since July 2017.

From its strategic vantage point, the Upper Town, has always been considered the heart of the city and even now it has maintained its beauty and charm. With its narrow cobbled streets, hidden corners, historic funicular, chiming church-bells and the aroma of freshly baked bread, the Upper Town never fails to disappoint and is guaranteed to leave you with memories that you will cherish forever.

By visiting Bergamo with us you will get a better understanding of the history behind the main monuments and begin to grasp the quintessential character of the town.

The historic center of the Upper Town is a pedestrian area and together we can see the main attractions with an easy 3 hour walking tour. The must-see monuments are surely the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, a magnificent Romanesque building chiselled by centuries of history, the Cappella Colleoni, a funeral monument to one of the most important fifteenth-century Generals and of course Piazza Vecchia, the elegant open-air showpiece of the city that houses the ancient Palazzo della Ragione. Besides these jewels you will discover countless other precious gems jealously guarded within the narrow medieval streets such as the delightful music of Gaetano Donizetti’s Museum, the enchanting views from the Rocca Viscontea, the Venetian city walls included in the Unesco heritage list and the sweet-scented botanical gardens. Bergamo’s Upper Town, a visit you will never forget.

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