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Crespi d’Adda workers’ village

UNESCO has included Crespi d’Adda in the World Heritage List

The late 19th century workers' village was built by the Crespi family next to its textile factory. UNESCO has included Crespi d’Adda in the World Heritage List as "the most complete and best preserved of Southern Europe’s workers’ villages."

Visiting Crespi gives the visitor the impression that time has stood still. The factory, built on the left bank of the river Adda, that was used as an important energy source for the machinery, has preserved its harmonious design. The workers’ houses are all arranged neatly in rows along straight avenues, and the  manicured gardens, the school, the theatre, the social club and the beautiful church hark back to a time when life was simple and governed by the rhythms of work. The directors’ villas, the sumptuous owner’s “castle” and the cemetery at the far end of the village bear witness to the vision of an “enlightened entrepreneur.”

Today, Crespi d ‘Adda is still largely inhabited by descendants of those who worked in the factory from the last century up until 2004 when the factory definitively closed. The inhabitants of Crespi are well aware that they are living in an important piece of human history and take good care of their houses, their gardens and their village in the knowledge that everything in the village also belongs to the whole of mankind.The visit consists of an outdoor walking tour that will take us to see the main sights of the village.

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