Italian Capital of Culture 2023

For the first time, since the title Italian Capital of Culture was established, two cities, found united in the desire to «Grow Together», give life to a single Capital.

The appointment of Bergamo and Brescia as Italian Capitals of Culture 2023 was born from the choice of the Italian Government to respond positively to a proposal made by the two cities. A recognition of their history, artistic and cultural heritage and the ability to regenerate themselves, to live everyday a present made of construction, work, solidarity and innovation.

In the year of Bergamo and Brescia as Italian Capital of Culture 2023, the tours of Bergamo and Brescia are a must. Discover with us the charm of these cities whose parallel stories reserve many surprises: both Municipum in Roman times, they also shared their faith to the Serenissima Republic of Venice. Common experiences that have however left very different traces in the urban development . In addition to these tours, “Bergamo Su e Giù” offers a specific experience dedicated to the Venetian Walls of Bergamo which have been included in the World Heritage Sites recognized by Unesco since July 2017.

Come with us to discover:

1- Bergamo alta (Upper town)

Our traditional tour of the Upper Town is an unforgettable experience. Together we will embark on a fascinating journey to discover the timeless jewels of the Upper Town, within the Unesco World Heritage List since July 2017.

2- Bergamo bassa (Lower town)

This delightful tour will help you understand the various transitions that the Lower Town of Bergamo has undergone from medieval times up until the present day. A wonderful way to discover the intricate relationship between the two towns, upper and lower, so different and yet so similar and interdependent.

3- Walls of Bergamo

A UNESCO World Heritage Site since July 2017. A pleasant way to learn about the history of the walls and, at the same time, of town. An idyllic walk on the “promenade”, the most loved  by the locals.

4- Brescia

Italian capital of culture together with Bergamo. A visit to discover the history of this fascinating city, with a perspective on the future but at the same time firmly linked to its ancient Roman origins

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